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Cultivating love-based self-talk for ourselves and our children! 


Messages for Children


Give your kids messages that nurture, empower and instill a strong sense of self.

How we talk to young children is critical to their self-image and ability to learn.  The more a child has positive self-esteem, the greater his ability to succeed and behave in positive ways.

Mindful Self Care Programs


CEU Course For Helping Professionals & Caregivers: 

Explore the beliefs that block us from good self care Through Mindfulness and  exploring the inner self-talk  that creates suffering and stress, participants will leave empowered with a new perspective!

Spiritual Self-Talk Online Course


Listen to a Wiser Voice! 

With this life-changing online course & workbook, you will create a deeper knowing of the Spirit's voice of LOVE and be able to override the negative & stressful voice in your head!

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Story Time!

Be Kind! Be Brave! Be Green!


Pre-school Audio Stories with 

Messages Parents will Love!


Mr. Green Pony


Mr. Green Pony encourages young children to be brave when scared, kind to themselves and others, and be green thru friendship with nature.


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Art Cards by Lisa


Beautiful nature art, cards, posters, totes!

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Lisa's Spiritual Novel: "God for President"

"What the world needs now is LOVE, the only thing that can truly create peace and prosperity for all.  We can save our enemies, the earth and ourselves.  We can create a country that motivates people not through competition, but through 

cooperation, caring and compassion.  

Excerpt from God for President: A Parable about the Power of Love

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About Lisa Venable, m.A.


Author, Teacher, Story-Teller

Lisa Venable, M.A. is an author, inspirational speaker and children's story-teller (Grammy Lisa) in Minneapolis, MN. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychotherapy and a bachelor’s in child development. 

​Lisa has been teaching and healing hearts for over 25 years.  She has done workshops and keynotes in a variety of organizations, colleges and health care settings.  She is a former early childhood advocate and Adjunct Faculty at the Adler Graduate School of Counseling. 

Lisa is the author of 3 books:  “Messages from Love: A Course in Spiritual Self-Talk, "God for President: A Parable about the Power of Love,” and 

“The Magical Adventures of Mr. Green Pony.”  



I see how I have changed since going to your classes.  I now have the ability to deal with toxic people in a way that aids my serenity.  I'm so glad I met you!  "Being Love" is wonderful!  J.M.

Learning to live from Love will create the life you dream of living.  Lisa’s process has worked miracles in my life.  Gratefully, P.P

Instead of reaching for my anxiety meds, I now reach for my heart.  Thank you, Lisa.  C.D

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 Learn to listen to the Wiser Voice Within